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Privacy Policy  

Privacy Policy for EquiTrace 5.1 and later

EquiTrace collects six categories of data:

User Data

1)    Name, phone number, email, country and state or county of each user setting up a new farm along with User ID and Device ID, app store purchase history as well as data on your device including operating system, make, model and resolution are captured. This information is processed by EquiTrace Ltd on the basis of legitimate interest, to connect the user with customer support and send them information on using the App. Users can ask for their information to be removed from our systems at any time, by emailing

 EquiTrace uses three core systems to manage user subscriptions and data processing. This information is held on Stripe, HubSpot and Qonversion and is not shared with any other third party, unless specifically authorised by the owner of the account.

If authorised by the owner of the account, this information as well as the other information categories below can be sent to specified third party software platforms (such as HFM or HISA) for recording, billing and accounting purposes or for complying with relevant rules and regulations. Each of these connections has to be individually authorised by the owner of the account, and can be switched off within the App at any time. Once the data has been transferred from EquiTrace to the third party, it is subject to that third parties own privacy and security policies.

2)    Username and encrypted passwords allow users to set-up and maintain the sharing of data on horses between different people on the same farm or premises. This log-in data is required for you to regain access from a different phone, should your own phone be lost or damaged. This data is only used to authenticate users, it is stored securely and is not shared with any third party.

Horse Data

3)   Data on the identification of horses is entered by the users. This includes microchip number, name, breeding, sex and colour and is collected to allow correct identification of horses between users. This data is available to authorised individuals on the farm either via scanning the horse’s microchip or through the ‘Find Horse’ part of the App. The identification information is also available to anyone that performs a scan on the horse’s microchip using this App, whether or not they are authorised by the farm. If someone scans a horse using this App and is not an authorised user from the farm, the person holding the subscription for the farm will get an alert (unless the horse has been marked as having left the property, sold or deceased).

4)    The App records the GPS location of each horse when it is scanned together with the user, time and date. This allows users on the farm to know the last location of any horse and can help the farm comply with any legal requirements to keep movement records. Accurate GPS location data is encrypted on the database and can only be accessed by approved members of the farm. If authorised by the owner of the account, GPS and/or its conversion into an addres can be sent to specified third party software platforms for the purpose of complying with relevant rules and regulations. The temperature of the horse and its very approximate location is transmitted anonymously to a database, which is used to collect data on the influence of local weather conditions on temperature readings. The researchers with access to this database do not have access to the name of the horse, user or farm and can only see the location of the horse to an accuracy of 4,760 square miles (12,300 square kilometres).

5)    User entered notes, treatments and reproduction records on individual horses are recorded with the username of the person giving the treatment or creating the note, date and time. This data is collected to share between authorised individuals on the farm. It is encrypted prior to transmission and storage on the server. Only the encrypted data is accessible to employees of EquiTrace, who cannot decrypt it. The data is not accessible to anyone not authorised by the owner and is not shared with any third party, unless specifically authorised by the owner of the account.

6)    The serial number of the microchip scanner you used is sent to a separate database (hosted on a separate server) and cannot be linked to any of the data in categories 1 through 4. This data is used, for the purposes of market research, to calculate how many unique microchip scanners are used with this App. No information regarding any individual person, farm or horse is included with this data.

Bluetooth: This App uses Bluetooth to transmit data from the microchip scanner to the App. This data consists of the 15 digit microchip number read from the horse’s microchip, the serial number of the microchip scanner and, if encoded by the implanted microchip, the temperature of the horse. The only data sent out via Bluetooth is to establish a connection with the microchip scanner. No user or farm specific data of any nature is sent out from the App via Bluetooth.

 Subscriptions: A subscription is required to allow sharing of data between users on a farm, training centre, veterinary clinic or property. Only one person on the farm will be required to have a subscription, and this person can authorise (and de-authorise) any other user on the farm from having access to the data. Some data is stored locally on the device to allow for poor internet connections, therefore data which a user previously had access to may not be instanteously removed from their phone when the user is deauthorised.

 The control of the farm can be transferred to another (authorised) user. If you do this, you will get an alert reminding you to cancel your subscription and the new user will be prompted to subscribe. If you cancel a subscription or let it lapse, notes on the horse and time and location of the scans will no longer be shared between users on the farm, and you will not have access to this data generated by your authorised users. If you restore your subscription, you will regain access to the data that was created when you were previously subscribed.

 Deletion of your data: User accounts can be deleted by going to “Other Features” – “Delete User”; The subscription holder can delete their farm data by going to to “Other Features” – “Delete Farm”. You can request that your name, email and phone number is deleted from our database by emailing