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EquiTrace Stud

Your horses health on one dynamic platform.

EquiTrace Stud for Breeding Farms

One app to keep your breeding operations successful.

Breeding farms worldwide have changed to EquiTrace to improve their breeding operations, reduce time to complete tasks and keep their fertility rates high. 


Breeding just got easier.

  • Record Temperatures and save hours of time
  • Automatically creates lists and schedules
  • Share information with your vet and your team
  • Never miss a medication and always know what was given

Discover all of the features of how EquiTrace helps breeding farms

What does EquiTrace do for breeding farms?

Horse Temperature Scan

EquiTrace & BioThermo® Microchips

The new temperature-sensing microchips

EquiTrace works with standard ISO microchips and the new BioThermo® or BioTherm® temperature sensing microchips. 

Mares: Studies now show that ovulation can be predicted from temperature. EquiTrace records and graphs your mare's temperatures to show spikes and highlight any changes. 

Foals: Temperature is the most significant indicator if your foal is sick before it shows clinical signs. EquiTrace and temperature-sensing microchips alert you to changes before your foal gets sick. Say goodbye to rectal temperatures and hello to EquiTrace.

Scheduling & Lists

EquiTrace keeps you on track.

Information in your head, pen and paper or spreadsheets?

Whether you're doing everything yourself or have a team behind you, EquiTrace helps keep everyone organised by automatically creating schedules, lists and tasks the whole farm uses.

  • Scans, Exams and Checks all dated in one place
  • Daily lists of who needs to be teased, checked and covered
  • Foaling dates planned for next year 
Reproduction Exams

Easy-to-use, consistently accurate records

Give your vet access, and always stay in sync.

EquiTrace designed these easy-to-use reproduction exams with world-leading breeding veterinarians.

  • Maps and monitors the mare's cycle.
  • Ovary, Uterus and Cervix reports
  • Add medications and schedule treatments based on findings
  • Schedule rechecks, teasings and coverings based on exam
  • Add diagnostics, scans and reports to the mare's records
Thoroughbred Breeding and Natural Cover

Used by the leading stud farms in Kentucky

Give your vet access, and always stay in sync.

Follows the mare through the complete reproduction cycle, from Teasing to Cover to Foaling.

  • Add a mare to the Teasing list as you check her.
  • Add a mare to the Cover list as you check her.
  • Teasing and Cover lists can be set, managed and viewed by staff members on the phone or iPad app.
  • See previous Teasing Chart, Checks and Medications given at any point while recording an exam.
  • Record everything as you do it with a couple of clicks.
AI & Embyro Transfer

AI & Embryo Transfer

Used by the leading specialists in reproduction

Manage all your mares: AI mares, Donors and Recipients – all on your phone.

  • Add a mare to an Insemination list as you check her.
  • Manage all your recipient mares and see their status at a glance.
  • Automatically pair recipients with the donor, transferring all data to both mares.
  • See the previous checks and medications given at any point whilst recording an exam.
  • Record everything as you do it with a couple of clicks.
Medication Scanning

Never miss a dose, treatment or schedule.

One source of information for everyone 

Mares: During an exam, prescribed medication can be recorded, and scheduled treatments can be planned. All this information syncs to the lists to ensure no mare misses any medication. 

Foals: When a foal becomes sick, treatments are scheduled, and everyone knows when and what medication to give. 

Never question, did that horse get their meds today?

Check EquiTrace, and all the records are there.

Vet & Team Communications
Ernan Scanning Horse

One single source of communication.

Access for you, your team and your veterinarian

You choose who has access to your farm and what levels of information people can see and ensure everyone stays on track.

Your vet can access your horses to update records, check for sick horses and update records and medications needed. 

You and your team get daily notifications of what medications are needed for horses. 

You get alerted to any high temperatures, missed treatments, scans or checks so that you keep your fertility rates high. 

Client Testimonial

Lane's End Farm

"Lane’s End Farm have used the reproductive version of the EquiTrace App and highly recommend it. The real-time information and scheduling have been invaluable. It is effective and efficient helping us to streamline our daily routine."

Jennifer Laidlaw, Director of Equine Operations, Lane's End Farm, Versailles, Kentucky

EquiTrace Foals

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