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EquiTrace Stud

Your horses health on one dynamic platform.

EquiTrace for Veterinarians

The app to improve your workload.

Veterinarians use EquiTrace for the unique medication feature, comprehensive reproduction exams, significant record-keeping reduction, and wasted time on admin. 

Medication Scanning

Why EquiTrace?

  • Unique medications module for withdrawal periods
  • Mare cycle and repro management to improve fertility 
  • Share information with your clients and admin team
  • Secure and encrypted data for billing and accounts

Discover all of the features of how EquiTrace helps breeding farms

What does EquiTrace do for veterinarians?

Accurate Records - Everywhere
Horse Temperature Scan

Medical records in the palm of your hand

Accessible in the clinic, on the road, even with low signal.

EquiTrace was built to ensure that veterinarians could always access medical records on the go. You don't always have access to a laptop, or your phone signal could be poor... but EquiTrace does.

EquiTrace works in the most remote locations, giving you entire horse history wherever you are.  Once you're back in full range, EquiTrace will sync and update to the cloud, ensuring your latest records are up-to-date and accurate. 

Scheduling & Lists
Breeding Schedules

EquiTrace keeps you on track.

Information in your head, pen and paper or spreadsheets?

For veterinarians with large breeding farms, high sport horse work lists or even a busy day at the track, EquiTrace makes it easy to stay on top of what tasks need to be done, which horses require treatment and which horses need to be checked. 

When your clients share their farm with you, you can easily switch between farms, knowing which horse needs to be seen before you arrive at the farm and what the problem is. 

Reproduction Exams
Repro Exams

Easy-to-use, consistently accurate records

With our comprehensive reproduction exams, stay in sync.

EquiTrace designed these easy-to-use reproduction exams with world-leading breeding veterinarians.

  • Maps and monitors the mare's cycle.
  • Ovary, Uterus and Cervix reports
  • Add medications and schedule treatments based on findings
  • Schedule rechecks, teasings and coverings based on exam
  • Add diagnostics, scans and reports to the mare's records
Medication Scanning

Recording medications never was so easy.

Open the app, scan the barcode and click a button.

We built our medication module to be as easy as 1-2-3. EquiTrace recognises over 1,000 medications by barcode alone. When you scan, it captures the batch number, expiry date and product—logging this automatically to the horse's records. Your legal responsibilities are taken care of in a flash using EquiTrace. 

Our unique medication algorithm gives you the correct withdrawal time depending on dose, route of administration and frequency. You are ensuring that your clients can race and compete. EquiTrace is programmed to multiple racing and competition rules and regulations, ensuring you always have the correct information. 


You can save time on duplicating entries.

Access for you and your team.

EquiTrace has completed two integrations to reduce double entry, and our integrations continue to grow. 

HISA: EquiTrace can submit information directly to the HISA portal for you. All the information you capture on EquiTrace can be submitted at the end of each day, reducing the hours you and your team need to spend on additional compliance. 

Horse Farm Management: We are integrated into the Jockey Club's Horse Farm Management software. All information submitted to EquiTrace around the farm flows through directly to the desktop version of Horse Farm Management.  

Client Testimonial

Dr. Peter Hannigan

"Since HISA's implementation our paperwork burden has gone up. Technology like EquiTrace that allows us to record as we go is going to be of enormous benefit going forward"
Peter Hannigan - Racetrack Veterinarian - Hagyard Medical Institute
EquiTrace for horses

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