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EquiTrace Stud

Your horses health on one dynamic platform.

EquiTrace for Horse Racing

One app to keep your training operations successful.

Racehorse trainers need quick, fast and reliable data for managing their horses and staff. 

Horse racing

Managing all your horses in one place

  • Each horse has an accurate medical record
  • Always know the actual withdrawal time for each drug
  • Staff always know what horse gets what medication
  • Rapid data entry at the side of the horse
  • Say goodbye to pen and paper and computers

Learn more about how EquiTrace helps horse trainers.

EquiTrace for horse racing

Medication Scanning

Never miss a dose, treatment or schedule.

One source of information for everyone 

With busy yards, medication must be given on time; no treatments missed, and no double doses from human errors.

EquiTrace has built-in reminders to set specific dates, times, and periods when medication should be given. 

All staff are aware of what treatments are upcoming, due and need to be stopped to ensure your horses race with the correct withdrawal period observed for over 1,000 medications. 


Don't risk your reputation.

With 50% of positive drug referrals due to the wrong withdrawal time being observed, EquiTrace was created to reduce the risk to racing yards and the potential for positive drug tests. 

When using EquiTrace, our unique algorithm will calculate the correct withdrawal period for over 1,000 medications and give you the correct stand-down times for each horse. 

Suppose you have previously experienced positive drug referrals. In those cases, trainers who use EquiTrace have peace of mind that all information recorded in EquiTrace is verifiable and accurate, supporting potential litigation challenges if required. 

EquiTrace is programmed for all global racing authorities rules and medication withdrawal times. 
Horse Temperature Scan

EquiTrace & BioThermo® Microchips

Use a scanner with EquiTrace and read temperatures.

EquiTrace works with standard ISO microchips and the new BioThermo® or BioTherm® temperature sensing microchips. 

Weatherbys and The Jockey Club have been issuing the new temperature-sensing microchips. As more and more horses come to you for training, temperature becomes a critical way to isolate sick horses before they show clinical signs.

You can use it on all your horses to identify poor performance reasons and if high temperatures are the cause. 

Vet & Team Access 
EquiTrace Vet

One single source of communication.

Access for you, your team and your veterinarian

You choose who has access to your horses and what levels of information people can see and ensure everyone stays on track.

Your vet can access your horses to update records, check for sick horses, log any procedures or treatments, let you focus on training, and you can review at the end of the day if needed. 

You and your team get daily notifications of what medications are needed for horses. There are four different access levels of information, from minimal to full use, all controlled by you. 

Submit to your Regulatory Body

Say goodbye to paper submissions.

EquiTrace replaces the IHRB Blue Book.

When your daily information and records are in one place, there's no need to look for your blue book. EquiTrace is approved by the IHRB, and trainers can submit their information at the push of a button to keep them compliant. 

EquiTrace can export medical records into single PDF records so that you can send your records electronically to any racing authority before your race, keeping you compliant and ensuring your documents are correct and complete.  

Client Testimonial 

“I find it  extremely helpful. It dramatically reduces the amount of paperwork which is the bane of any trainer’s life’.  The Irish Horse Racing Board (IHRB) requires every yard keep a Blue Book which has to be submitted monthly to the IHRB.  In the Blue Book, every medication given to every horse is recorded, with the amounts, the name of the medication and its batch number all written in by hand. EquiTrace enables a trainer to email the blue book information direct from their mobile phone, no handwriting—or hunting down the physical blue book—required"

Dermot Weld - Racehorse trainer

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