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EquiTrace Stud

Your horses health on one dynamic platform.

EquiTrace for Sport Horses

One app to keep everything in one place.

How many times have you struggled to find a health cert, a vaccination date or a shoeing history?

EquiTrace keeps everything in one place, one app for all your horse needs. 

Christine ODonnell

Managing all your horses in one place

  • Every horse has their own history for everything.
  • Record your vaccinations, deworming, and medications. 
  • Automatically or manually log temperatures for shows. 
  • Log farrier, physio and other treatments to each horse. 
  • Upload Coggins, health certs and any other test results.
  • Say goodbye to pen and paper, text messages and WhatsApp.

Learn more about how EquiTrace helps horse trainers.

EquiTrace for sport horses. 

Record Keeping
Horse Vet

Always have the information you need

Right in the palm of your hand whenever you need it.  

How often have you had to find a passport or a health cert to share information and couldn't find it? But you had your phone to hand?

When you show, how long did it take to find your Coggins or health certs? You can stop searching through emails and messages with EquiTrace, keeping everything in one place. 

EquiTrace stores all medical, health and tests in each horse's profile. You can export this information so that anyone needing to see it can have it immediately. Simple, fast and secure. 

Medication Scanning

Over 1,000 medications ready to scan

You can open your app and scan the drug by barcode alone.

EquiTrace was developed to make fast, horse-side data entry the future. We've loaded our database with our unique algorithm to calculate the right withdrawal time for every drug. 

EquiTrace is programmed to global authorities, including the USEF, FEI, AQHA and NEMAC rules and regulations. Keeping you up to date and compliant with all show and medication rules.  

Vaccinations & Reminders
EquiTrace Vaccines

Never miss a vaccination.

Nearly 30% of the horse industry misses vaccination dates.

EquiTrace keeps you compliant with your vaccinations and reminders always on time. You log your treatment course and set the interval and amount of notice before your next one is due. 

The same can be applied to deworming, farrier appointments, and physiotherapy sessions. Each horse's critical dates are logged, meaning you can stay on track and never miss an important date or reminder again. 

Horse Temp

EquiTrace & BioThermo® Microchips

EquiTrace works with and without a microchip scanner. 

If you don't have a scanner, all your horses can be uploaded easily to EquiTrace, and you'll still be able to log all your health records and medications.

EquiTrace will work with standard ISO microchips and the new BioThermo® or BioTherm® temperature sensing microchips if you have a scanner. If your horse hasn't been microchipped yet, consider a temperature-sensing microchip, as this will allow EquiTrace to read the horse's temperature and alert any spikes. 

Access for your team
EquiTrace Vet

One single source of communication.

Access for you, your team and your veterinarian

You choose who has access to your horses and what levels of information people can see and ensure everyone stays on track.

Your vet can access your horses to update records, check for sick horses, log any procedures or treatments, let you focus on training, and you can review at the end of the day if needed. 

You and your team get daily notifications of what medications are needed for horses. There are four different access levels of information, from minimal to full use, all controlled by you. 

Submit records electronically
EquiTrace Showjumping

Say goodbye to paper.

EquiTrace can send documents directly.

When your daily information and records are in one place, there's no need to bring paper records when travelling. If you need to send documents to the transport company,  show organisers or a new yard,  you can send them from within EquiTrace. 

EquiTrace exports medical records into a single PDF, making this an easy process for anyone who can send the required information, giving you peace of mind that you don't get to a show and then spend hours searching for paperwork. 

Client Testimonial 

“I found EquiTrace particularly easy to use. I like the App’s ability to suggest appropriate stand down periods required for intra-articular medication, where injections into different joints require different numbers of days withdrawal before competition.”

Vincent O’Connor—Senior Vet at Sycamore Lodge Equine Hospital on the Curragh, Ireland.
EquiTrace Eventing

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