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Horse Microchips and Microchip Scanners

The only app for horse microchips.

Technology has come a long way in the last decade. Microchip scanners have too. 

With horse microchips, discover how you can use a horse microchip scanner to unlock data.

Horse Temperature Scan

EquiTrace works with and without a scanner. 

If you have microchips in your horses, a scanner can make it quicker to identify horses, which is particularly useful with large groups of horses. However, you may not need a microchip scanner if you have a small number of horses and you always know what horses you have at any given time. You can add all your horses to EquiTrace and still have records for each of them. 

Suppose you have microchips or temperature-sensing microchips and want to use a microchip scanner to read identity automatically or record temperatures. In that case, a horse microchip scanner and EquiTrace are the perfect combination to improve your horse's health tracking. 

Horse microchips and Scanners

Type of Microchips

ISO Microchips & Temperature-Sensing.

Two microchips are most commonly available for horses.

Standard ISO microchips are implanted and contain a 15-digit number unique to each horse. When you scan this type of horse microchip, you will be given a reading of the unique 15-digit number. 

Temperature-sensing microchips are growing in use globally. These contain the same 15-digit unique number and a temperature-sensing capsule that reads the horse's core body temperature. When you scan this microchip, you get the 15-digit reading and the current temperature. 

EquiTrace translates each scan into data. The 15-digit number takes you to each horse's page, and we graph the temperature to see the trends and averages of that specific horse's temperature. 

Microchip Scanners
GPR+ Microchip Scanner

What type of scanner works with EquiTrace?

If using a scanner, make sure it's compatible.  

To use a microchip scanner, you need to ensure that it has Bluetooth connectivity. Just like you connect a pair of headphones to a phone, the scanner will connect to your phone, and EquiTrace registers this within the EquiTrace app. 

EquiTrace recommends the GPR+ microchip scanner. The GPR+ microchip scanner connects to both EquiTrace and the FEI Horse App. To shop for microchip scanners, check out our store. 

What data do I get from a microchip scan?

Unique data and individual horse data.

Each microchip scan translates the 15-digit number into data. 

Your horse is unique, and so is its records in EquiTrace. Each horse has its own page to summarise key information, such as microchip numbner, breeding details, age, location and temperature. 

When paired with the temperature sensing microchips, you will get a graph for each horse, showing the average temperature, baseline morning and evening temperatures and the highest temperature in the past 7 days. This quickly allows users to spot red flags, spikes and ensure the best health for all horses using EquiTrace. 

Where do I place the microchip?
Foal Check

The best placement for temperatures.

Ensure you have the correct placement.  

Historically, horse microchips have been placed in the nuchal ligament. Newly published research shows that the best placement for temperature-sensing microchips is in the splenius muscle. 

Read our blog on placement of temperature-sensing microchips. 

Client Testimonial 

“Lane’s End Farm use EquiTrace. The real-time information and scheduling have been invaluable, it is effective and efficient helping us to streamline our daily routine. The team can take the temperatures and don't even have to tell me, I see it come through to my phone straight away!.”

Jennifer Laidlaw
Director of Equine Operations,
Lanes End Farm, Versailles, Kentucky.
EquiTrace for horses

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