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Your horses health on one dynamic platform.

EquiTrace Custom Build

Modules, Apps and Solutions

EquiTrace builds components, integrations and apps for associations globally. 

Medication Scanning

Why EquiTrace?

  • Custom-built solutions for the industry.
  • Designed by leading specialist veterinarians.
  • Modules can be within EquiTrace or Custom Apps
  • Secure and encrypted with 99.5% availability.

Discover the projects we've completed below from organisations worldwide to help with their operations. We share some of the features we build but are always open to discussing your requirements. 

What can we build for you?
horse marking sheet

Digital Marking Charts

For Studbooks and Sales Houses that want to go digital. 

EquiTrace has developed digital marking charts that remove pen and paper and facilitate the digital transition of marking charts.

Sales Houses that use marking charts have had EquiTrace build app modules to use the existing marking charts for reference and add any changes that need to be recorded before sale.  

Studbooks that wish to digitise the marking charts when registering foals can quickly integrate the EquiTrace digital marking charts into their process and ensure fast, accurate and verified completion of passport creation. 

EquiTrace Vet

Identity Checks

The right horse, every time. 

Ensuring you have the right horse sounds like an easy task, but we see time and time again wrong horses running in races, horses in stables that should be a different horse, and people having to search through piles of paperwork to check if a microchip matches. With EquiTrace, we remove all of those issues. 

Using our scanner connection and having a database of all horses, it becomes a rapid process to identify the horse in front of you. No more searching through paperwork, no more wrong horse in the wrong place; we can build identity checkpoints to your process. 


Horse Temperature Scan

Streamline Compliance

Always ensure that the paperwork is complete and accurate. 

When horses need to meet specific criteria, e.g. vaccination status, health papers, and completed membership, EquiTrace has proven solutions to streamline compliance. With the criteria you define, horses can be checked via our scanner connection. Then, simple confirmation is returned to the phone to confirm or reject whether the requirements are met. 

We have built this solution for competitions admitting horses, horse races to ensure the right horse can race, and for studbooks that needed to provide the correct paperwork was received for registrations. 

Horse health app


You can use your existing database and combine data. 

Existing data can be challenging to manage, especially with multiple sources and accessing all those in one place. EquiTrace can align all your current data sources into one place, integrating with existing structures.

This means you can link a register of horses or members, their competition, race or health records into one page, which can merge multiple data streams and then display mu into one single source of truth. Teams using these integrations get excellent efficiency in having complete and accurate records available at their fingertips.   

EquiTrace transport

Horse Traceability

Complete visibility of where horses come from and go to. 

EquiTrace has been helping multiple associations with horse traceability. In a world where the movement of horses has never been busier, the potential risk of disease outbreaks has never been greater. This can be region, state or country-specific, but EquiTrace has complete traceability solutions to help. 

EquiTrace has built solutions for multiple solutions for associations to track horse movement, highlighting horses arriving from high-risk disease areas and ensuring that each horse is accounted for whilst at a specific site. Our traceability module can be applied to transporting horses and has significantly reduced the time to check horses out from venues where the high traffic of horse movement can add complexities to associations. 


Horse Injection


For complete control and record of medications.

 Our unique medication module lets users know the specific withdrawal period for medications. We use our algorithms and databases to ensure that every user has the correct information. We can apply this technology to your own specific medication rules, giving users a complete overview of specific active ingredients and their withdrawal time. 

For those who need to record what medications have been given during a competition, sale or other event, EquiTrace creates secure, accurate and verifiable medication records that improve compliance with reporting and record the legitimate need for the medication. Records are legible up to date, and ensure full compliance for you and your users. 


Examples of our solutions

The International Equestrian Federation (FEI)

The world's largest organisation for sport horse competition. 

EquiTrace licences software to the FEI, which works directly in the FEI Horse App. All FEI competitors around the world use the app. 

EquiTrace has unique properties to connect scanners to apps, and by connecting scanners, it ensures seamless operations for competitors and show organisers around the world. 



A leading global auction house for thoroughbreds. 

EquiTrace developed a custom app for Goffs to use at their auctions. The leading solution covered was admitting multiple horses at speed, ensuring paperwork was correct on entry, assigning lot numbers to locations and alerting the operations team when a horse departed to get the stables ready for the next incoming horse. 

This system enables Goffs to reduce check-in time by 80% compared to manual systems and ensures the quickest turnaround time for the upcoming lots arriving during their sale. 


United States Trotting Association

The US association for standardbred horse breeding and racing. 

The USTA had specific requirements to develop an app for their users in which horse health records could be kept consistent and files submitted directly to the USTA. 

EquiTrace built the core components for the USTA which manage access for their members based on membership subscription. 

EVA logo

Equine Veterinarians Australia (EVA).

A custom app built for members. 

EVA had specific requirements to support its members. Pre-purchase examinations, forms and manual processes were streamlined into a custom-built app, allowing consistency and accurate records for each member and the overall association. 


British Equine Veterinary Association

The UK's Equine Veterinary Association with 6,000 vets.

EquiTrace developed custom modules for BEVA to assist their members in all aspects of veterinary practice. The custom-built app is used by 6,000 veterinarians. 

EquiTrace Foals

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