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EquiTrace Stud

Your horses health on one dynamic platform.

EquiTrace for Horse Temperatures

The only app for horse microchips.

Technology has come a long way in the last decade. Horses are no exception.

With new horse microchips now available, EquiTrace is the solution for horse temperatures.  

EquiTrace is the only software to link to the BioThermo® and BioTherm® microchips for horses. 

Horse Temperature Scan

BioThermo® and BioTherm® compatible

EquiTrace is the only app that connects to the new temperature-sensing horse microchips launched by Merck Animal Health. 
  • Using a scanner, you can now take a horse's temperature by scanning the microchip. 
  • Connect your scanner to EquiTrace and scan each horse. 
  • EquiTrace records each horse's temperature on the horse's page. 
  • You get a quick graph of all previous temperatures. 
  • EquiTrace will show you spikes and changes in the temperature. 
  • You will know if your horse is sick from this vital reading. 

EquiTrace for horse temperatures. 

Rapid recording
Mare and newborn foal

Save over 95% of your time.

With rapid recording, it takes less than 5 seconds.  

When a temperature-sensing microchip is implanted in foals, you can immediately access this vital sign—no more rectal temperatures. 

By removing the need for rectal temperatures, which take up to 2 minutes per horse, you can ensure all horses and foals record their temperatures as quickly as possible. 

Foal Looking

Reduce disease spread

Wave goodbye to rectal temperatures and reduce risk.  

When you switch to temperature-sensing microchips, you will remove the old-age practice of rectal temperatures. You also reduce the risk of disease spread.

Most farms and yards will use the same thermometer to take all horses' temperatures. This is a biosecurity issue if one horse is sick, the thermometer can pass potential infections to the other horses. Using EquiTrace eliminates this risk and keeps your horses safe. 

Smart Data - Always

Temperature Graphs.

Rapid recording gives you fast data.

Recording the temperature daily will give you the best data for your horses. In particular, foals that have their temperature taken twice daily will show you any problems before they appear. 

EquiTrace users report that by moving to EquiTrace for horse temperatures, they can see a horse getting sick before presenting clinical signs. Users can place more checks on the horse, call the veterinarian if required and reduce disease in their horses. 

Safety for staff
Foal Check

Safer and easier for your team.

With removing the need for rectal temperatures. 

Using EquiTrace to record horse temperatures removes the need for two staff members to handle horses and record rectal temperatures. This is the safest way for staff to avoid difficult-to-handle horses, accidents and injuries whilst at work. 

This also becomes better for the horses with less stress and issues. Horses are still handled and temperatures recorded but in a much less intrusive method, giving piece of mind to handlers and horses. 

Access for your team
EquiTrace Vet

One single source of communication.

Access for you, your team and your veterinarian

You choose who has access to your horses and what levels of information people can see and ensure everyone stays on track.

Your vet can access your horses to update records and check for sick horses. There are four different access levels of information, from minimal to full use, all controlled by you. 

Client Testimonial 

“Lane’s End Farm use EquiTrace. The real-time information and scheduling have been invaluable, it is effective and efficient helping us to streamline our daily routine. The team can take the temperatures and don't even have to tell me, I see it come through to my phone straight away!.”

Jennifer Laidlaw
Director of Equine Operations,
Lanes End Farm, Versailles, Kentucky.
EquiTrace for horses

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