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EquiTrace Stud

Your horses health on one dynamic platform.

EquiTrace for Event Organisers 

One system to make your event a success.

When 100's of horses arrive at a location, EquiTrace has a proven system to manage this.

EquiTrace horse Barn

Managing all horses on-site just got easier.

  • Upload your horses and define the criteria to be admitted.
  • Criteria can include vaccinations, temperatures, health certs 
  • Automatically or manually log temperatures for shows. 
  • Receive documentation before horses arrive if required.
  • When horses arrive, a quick scan of the horse approves entry
  • Live locations and updates in the event of a biosecurity outbreak.

Learn more about how EquiTrace helps event organisers.

EquiTrace for event organisers  

Your horse list upload
Race Horse Barn

Quickly upload your entered horses into the app.

Horses that have microchips speed up your check-in.  

Knowing your definite list of entries is a quick and straightforward upload to the EquiTrace Events app. Once your horses are there, you and your operations team have a complete list in the palm of your hand to check in horses and also manage horses whilst at your event. 

Horses can be assigned to specific stalls, barns or venues on the showground, and all of this information will be available on each horse's profile and the management lists for your team to reference. 


Define what criteria is required
EquiTrace Vaccines

Once you have your horses, what do they need?

You choose the information that is needed for each horse.

You can just select the criteria that are required for your event. A governing authority or your event policies could direct this. You can choose from vaccinations, Coggins, health certs, temperatures, previous locations, etc. 

Once your criteria are defined, you can push this out to everyone attending your event to ensure they submit this information in advance. Once this information is received and accepted, the horse records will be updated across all devices managing your event. 

Fast Check In
EquiTrace Vet

Speed up Check-In by 90%.

When records are submitted in advance, check-in is fast.

Gone are the days of searching lists to find the rider, owner or horse. With EquiTrace, you give a quick scan of the horse, and the entry screen will show that the horse is accepted based on the information submitted, and the horse can proceed. 

The check-in screen shows the stall number, barn location, owner, trainer, and any other required information, allowing your team to direct the horse to the correct site instantly.  

Push Notifications
Horse Temperature Scan

Always get the right message across

EquiTrace uses push notifications. 

During an event, there are times when people need communicating and a tannoy or social media post will only sometimes get your message to everyone at the right time. 

EquiTrace can push notifications to a group, a barn or the entire event to notify them of a show update, requirement or alerts that may be needed during a disease outbreak.

Live locations & availability
EquiTrace transport

Could you know who is on-site and off-site?

Help your operations team stay on top of availability.

For events that have quick turnarounds between stalls and need to know what stalls are available or need cleaning, when a horse is scanned out of the event, it can trigger notifications to your stable team that the stall is now empty and to prepare for the next horse.

EquiTrace creates a dashboard of all horses on-site at any time, giving you full traceability and history for each horse.  


EquiTrace Yard Management

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