DK Weld, internationally successful racehorse trainer, talks about EquiTrace

Vincent O’Connor MVB, experienced equine Vet on the Curragh, talks about EquiTrace

Dr Alan Dorton is a specialist equine veterinarian who takes care of Ramsey Farm, of “Kittens Joy” fame, in Lexington Kentucky.


“I use EquiTrace like a portable medical records deal – I enter each time I work on the horse; if its sick, if I give it vaccines, if I do any lab tests on it.

You know it’s just easy quick access to a lot of information.”

“I’ve been extremely happy with the chips and extremely happy with the App and pretty much coming up with new ways to use it every day. The farm manager has 75 to 80 horses in training right now at 5 different trainers, I think 7 different tracks. When the trainers scan these horses the farm manager can look and see where the horse is and how it’s doing.“

While EquiTrace works with any microchip, Dr Dorton has also found the combination of using the EquiTrace App with Merck’s Biothermo chips invaluable.