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EquiTrace Veterinarian

Detect outbreaks earlier, save time and ensure compliance.

Read our testimonial from Dr. Vincent O' Connor and the Key Benefits of EquiTrace Stud below

"I found EquiTrace particularly easy to use and intuitive. There was no extended learning period and you were instantly comfortable with using the app. EquiTrace will also distinguish the withdrawal times for interarticular medications which is a key benefit of EquiTrace. "
Dr. Vincent O'Connor, MVB

Withdrawal Times

  • EquiTrace provides veterinarians with an algorithm to help calculate the best possible withdrawal guidance taking into account specific dosage, number of doses and route of administration.
  • Withdrawal time guidance for FEI, USEF, AQHA, European Racing, Racing Australia, US Standardbred Racing and HISA.
  • EquiTrace is produced by the creators of British Equine Veterinary Association membership apps including Equine Drugs.
  • EquiTrace supports veterinarians by easing additional workload by integrating with HISA to report the required information automatically within the 24-hour time period.
  • This integration feature will save veterinary practices up to 85% of the costs and time for reporting to HISA.


  • Ensure the correct horse is identified and treated.
  • Seamless communications as historical medications and treatments are accessible to authorised users.
  • 65% reduction in administration time.

Temperature and Early Detection

  • EquiTrace has the unique capability of reading the new Bio-Thermo® microchips from Merck Animal Health.  
  • The new microchips read temperature to one-tenth of a degree and record the information directly with the app. 
  • The EquiTrace App graphs temperatures to identify spikes and ensures early detection of sick horses and reduction in the risk of disease outbreak.


  • EquiTrace recognises over 1,000 drugs by barcode alone.
  • Drug name, active, batch and expiry dates are automatically recorded instantly.
  • The rapid identification and logging of medication ensures a seamless process for veterinarians. 
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Withdrawal Times

  • EquiTrace calculates exact drugs withdrawal times saving you time and potential mistakes.
  • EquiTrace references the withdrawal guidelines from all major racing and competition authorities to make sure you and your clients are always within compliance.


  • A revolutionary new system for mare management.
  • Schedule teasing and covers through accurate cycle monitoring. 
  • Map cysts accurately.
  • Record and send ultrasound imagery.

Practice Management Integrations

  • Consolidate your daily procedures and link directly to your billing system through some of our integrations.  Get in touch today to find out if an integration direct to your system is currently available or in the pipeline
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