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Client Testimonials

Hear what are customers are saying about EquiTrace 


“I use it as a portable medical records deal. I’m extremely happy with the app and pretty much coming up with new ways to use it every day.”

Dr Alan Dorton—Ramsey Farm, Home of Kitten’s Joy, Kentucky.

“I found EquiTrace particularly easy to use. I like the App’s ability to suggest appropriate stand down periods required for intra-articular medication, where injections into different joints require different numbers of days withdrawal before competition.

Vincent O’Connor—Senior Vet at Sycamore Lodge Equine Hospital on the Curragh, Ireland.

Heather Mitzner - Medical Coordinator

Read how Heather Mitzner, Medical Coordinator, uses Equitrace to make her day to day life more efficient. 

"If I ever need conformation that this is the foal that we have labelled as this foal if it loses its ID out in the field or comes in without a halter Im able to confirm as we are doing registration packets and pulling tail hair all that stuff when we want to make sure that what we are saying is what it is Im able to scan it with the microchip scanner and open up the app and it brings up the horse I can double check and make sure that everything we have listed on our jockey club packets the colour the sire all that information is correct.
I’m able to actually see when we put the treatments in the system if the guys have forgotten to put that on their billing sheets Im able to open up the app and see what we gave when we gave it and how much we gave.
I do think we very much like the Bio-Thermo® feature of actually  being able to utilise for temps we are a farm that relies heavily on temps to catch illness before they show clinical symptoms so when we are temping twice a day any normal household thermometer is not meant to be used as often as we do it and I think we get a much more consistent temp when you exact same way every single time.” 

"This product is a game changer for improving horse health. Anytime rapid access to timely information can be kept in one central location, it improves horse medical care."


Dr Nathaniel A White II—DVM MS Diplomate ACVS—Director of the Equine Disease Communication Center.


Lane’s End Farm has used the reproductive version of the EquiTrace app this year and highly recommended it. The real-time information and scheduling have been invaluable, it is effective and efficient helping us to streamline our daily routine. The EquiTrace team have been brilliant, quick to answer any questions and queries, and have been open to suggestions to help adapt the reporting side to fill our needs.”

Louise Roden—Director of Equine Operations, Lanes End Farm, Versailles, Kentucky.

“Having EquiTrace with the BioThermo® microchips saved two foals this season.”

Rachael Kempster—Kinsale Stud, England.

"It’s made temping animals and checking records so much easier"

Susan Lundy–Cedar Ridge Farm

"It’s a game changer for temperature"

David Wade–Northview Stallion Station


“I find it  extremely helpful. It dramatically reduces the amount of paperwork which is the bane of any trainer’s life’.  The Irish Horse Racing Board (IHRB) requires every yard keep a Blue Book which has to be submitted monthly to the IHRB.  In the Blue Book, every medication given to every horse is recorded, with the amounts, the name of the medication and its batch number all written in by hand. EquiTrace enables a trainer to email the blue book information direct from their mobile phone, no handwriting—or hunting down the physical blue book—required"

Dermot Weld - Racehorse trainer

“I hate computers, but this is so easy. Invaluable it has made my life so much easier.” 

Tom Daly—Head Man, D.K. Weld, The Curragh, Ireland.

"Nothing in life is fool proof, but this App almost is."

Shaun Benson, Marketing Manager, Agriflora Inc.