Our Mission

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Track & Trace Horse Health

The mission of EquiTrace is to bring the horse industry into the digital age. Traceability of horses, horse health and medication has never been more important. Horses and technology has been a difficult fit leaving 75% of farms using pen and paper. EquiTrace is designed to gather and access data at the side of the horse. EquiTrace is fast, verifiable, economic and extremely simple to use. Linked to the horses microchip to verify identity, EquiTrace is a secure, digital health record that cannot be lost and is always up to date.

“I hate computers, but this is so easy. Invaluable it has made my life so much easier.”
Tom Daly Head Man, D.K. Weld, The Curragh, Ireland.

“This product is a game changer for improving horse health. Anytime rapid access to timely information can be kept in one central location, it improves horse medical care.”
Dr Nathaniel A White II DVM MS Diplomate ACVS, Director of the Equine Disease Communication Center

The core features of EquiTrace include ID, GPS tracing, digital medical records and rapid communication across the team responsible for the horse. EquiTrace gives people the ability to check on animals they are responsible for at the touch of a button. Live complete data, that is verifiable and up to date. In Ireland EquiTrace is approved by the Irish Horse Racing Board as a way to record medicine records (the blue book). In the USA EquiTrace are commercial partners of Merck Animal Health. EquiTrace also produce the Chip ID App for the US Trotting Association.