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Our unique team combines specialist equine veterinarians with Oxford-educated leading technology experts. We have experience at every level of the industry as grooms, riders, veterinarians and horse owners. Our co-founders have over 50 years working as specialist veterinarians between them working all over the world. Their first company is the leading producers of apps for veterinarians These Apps are used by all members of the British Equine Veterinary Association and Equine Veterinarians Australia.

Working as specialist veterinarians in the USA, Australia, UK and Ireland, it was clear to our founders that horse people across continents and disciplines love their animals and would do anything to keep them healthy. Yet at every level horse health is being impacted by lack of data. 75% of farms in the USA and Ireland are still using white boards or pen and paper to give treatment instructions and keep track of medication in the yard. Where computer systems are used these are in the office. This two-step process is open to error. Expensive laptop solutions are useless if the data is either not entered or is entered incorrectly. Simple human errors can cause serious costly errors, impacting on individual horses, affecting credibility and even bringing our sports into disrepute. What everyone needs, from the grooms to the trainers to the veterinarians is a fast, accurate, secure way to check and update health records at the side of the horse.

What makes EquiTrace different is we look at these problems from every perspective—the person on the ground checking horses, the trainer, the farm vet and regulatory bodies. The combination of an App, microchip and scanner makes it simple for everyone to do things right and keep data live. Data can be entered as treatments are given and data is available where it is needed, right there at the side of the horse. Trainers can glance at their phone and see immediately what is going on with every horse up to the minute. This technology has years of veterinary knowledge and experience built in to keep everything on track.

EquiTrace is designed to allow farms to keep up-to-the-minute records on all aspects of horse health at the stroke of a microchip scanner. The app incorporates a microchip scanner with robust, practical software that can glean more health data while eradicating paperwork and saving time. EquiTrace unleashes the power of the microchip, converting any standard chip into not just a number, but a way to access and update a secure passport and health record that cannot be lost and is always available at the side of the horse.

EquiTrace eliminates human error and saves massive amounts of time (an estimated two full-time salaries per farm). It is secure, accessed only by approved people and has been designed to prevent medical errors and fraud. EquiTrace has features that solve genuine farm pain points. This is state-of-the-art software designed by leading veterinarians and tested by leading trainers and breeders globally. By giving the people on the ground software that is simple, fast and that they actually enjoy using, EquiTrace has created the pathway to lead the industry as a whole into the digital age.