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EquiTrace Events

Solving issues for sales houses, competition centres and events.

Competition Centres

Competition Centres have benefited from EquiTrace Events with secure offloading of horses, scanned and stables identified instantly and movement known around the centre. Vaccine status and any other medical history requirement prior can be obtained within the app. 

Anywhere large groups of horses are housed together presents a greater disease risk and EquiTrace Events can ensure horses grouped together can be identified for any potential disease outbreaks. 

Sales Houses

Sales houses now have an automatic way to record horses entering the site, allocating empty stables, tracking the horse by the microchip as it makes it way through the complex, from sales ring to sold and transported off the premises.

Additional documents added to the horse records including veterinary reports, vaccine status, temperature checks and any additional documentation are all possible through EquiTrace Events. 

Gone are the days of passports and check-ins

By operating a quick scan of the microchip, gone are the days of passports and check-ins needed, EquiTrace makes this a seamless quick process. The days of paper based records are no longer the norm. EquiTrace puts the power of technology directly into your hands to manage all aspects of horse health. 

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EquiTrace is the best option for singular events that require identification and verification of horses. With large numbers of horses entered in classes, many studbooks are requesting verification to the microchip. EquiTrace Events makes this a seamless process, the list of horses competing is uploaded prior to the event, a quick scan of the microchip will verify the right horse is in the right class. No more passport checks and a quick and easy process for show organisers and competitors. 

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FAQs for EquiTrace Events

Do I need a scanner? 

EquiTrace Events is designed to be used with a scanner. We recommend using the GPR+ Bluetooth Scanner which can be purchased nationwide and also from EquiTrace directly.  

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Can I record temperatures when scanning horses arriving at my facility?

Where Bio-Thermo® microchips are used in horses these will record the temperature of the horse and report this when the horse is scanned. If the horse has a normal microchip it will not report the temperature just the identity. 

Can my team use their phones and will iPads work as well? 

Each venue has a different preference but the app will work on both iPhone, Android and also iPad.

How does the subscription work? 

EquiTrace Events is customised for each venues requirements. Once a venue has confirmed their requirements we then  can create the log in account details for how every many users are required. Multiple users can all access the app at the same time to ensure everyone is on the same page and has the latest information. 

How do I download EquiTrace? 

Once you have chosen your subscription, our customer success team can get you onboarded and help you and you team set up your farm so it is ready to use. 

EquiTrace is available from the app store. And also is available in Spanish on Android.

How much does it cost? 

Subscriptions differ depending on the amount of features you require. You pay for what you need and nothing more. Payments are available in monthly, quarterly or annual amounts given greater savings for annual payments. 

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