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Privacy Policy  

Privacy Policy for EVA forms app

This App is exclusively for members of Equine Veterinarians Australia (EVA), who may install the App onto up to 2 devices

1.    Data Collected
i)    Your surname and AVA membership number are entered into the App. Separately EVA supplies us with a list of valid surname / membership number combinations which are stored securely on our server.
ii)    Your phone number is collected for the purposes of Two-Factor Authentication (2FA).
iii)    Your name, practice address, phone number and email are stored locally on the App and may be saved to iCloud or Google Drive.

2.    Purpose of Data Collection
i)    Your surname and AVA membership number are sent to our server, to check against the details sent to us by EVA which are held on our server. This is for the purpose of validating your membership of the Equine Veterinarians Australia and grant you access to the Apps.
ii)    Your phone number is collected for the purposes of Two-Factor Authentication (2FA). It is not linked to any other data. Your phone number is not stored by EquiTrace Ltd.
iii)    If you save forms to iCloud or Google Drive, data contained on partically complete forms such as your name, practice address, phone number, email, names of other parties you have entered in the App will be stored for the puposes of reopening and completing  the form.

3.    Sharing of Data with Third Parties
i)    Your membership number and surname may be shared with Equine Veterinarians Australia, solely for the purpose of ensuring that you are a current member of their organisation.
Your data will not be shared with any other third parties.
ii)    Your phone number is shared to our third party provider, Twilio, for the purposes of 2FA. No other data is sent to them, and your phone number is not linked to your name or other identifying information in their system.
iii)    Data saved in partially complete forms is shared to iCloud and Google Drive, within your own account on the relevant platform.

4.    Bluetooth:
i)    This App uses Bluetooth to transmit data from the microchip scanner to the App. This data consists of the 15 digit microchip number read from the horse’s microchip, the serial number of the microchip scanner and, if encoded by the implanted microchip, the temperature of the horse.
The only data sent out via Bluetooth is to establish a connection with the microchip scanner. No user or farm specific data of any nature is sent out from the App via Bluetooth.

5.    Deletion of Your Data
i)    We will honour requests in writing to remove your data from our servers. Removal of your information from our servers will result in loss of access to the above listed Apps.