Author: Christine ODonnell

EquiTrace Withdrawal Survey


Getting the withdrawal time for medication for competition or race-horses correct was a constant source of stress to me in practise. I was lucky, I had a double boarded medicine specialist as a husband so my phone a friend was pretty good, but not every-one has that resource. It turns out I was not alone in finding this a worrying subject. In a recent survey that EquiTrace carried out 100% of equine veterinarians surveyed feel they do not get taught enough

A Sport of Kings

Racing started as the sport of Kings. Social approval was something that was granted to racing by association from the very start. But in recent times with social media, the growing conscience of Gen Z and increased awareness of animal rights all that has begun to change rapidly. Janet Douglas has published a very interesting new review "What can Equestrian Sports Learn from Other Industries?" (Animals 2022, 12, 1987). Social license to operate is an intangible agreement between the public and