How It Works

EquiTrace is horse side technology to trace horses and horse health. Equitrace is fast and simple to use. If you can press a button, you can use Equitrace.

Linked to the animal’s microchip, identity is 100% verified, giving a name not a number. Every scan records and maps GPS location. The App can be set to show if an animal requires any treatment. Reminders can be set for vaccination, worming and medication. To avoid any error the App recognises over 1000 medications by barcode alone, ensuring the right horse gets the right medicine. Once the medicine and horse are scanned the horses secure medical record is automatically updated. If linked to our commercial partner Merck’s new BioThermo® microchips, it gives contactless temperature. EquiTrace is designed to meet the needs of the whole team looking after a horse the person doing daily checks, the trainer, the veterinarian. Ultimately EquiTrace keeps the records required by authorities up to the minute accurate and with the horse.

The powerful combination of properties in EquiTrace ID, GPS, Health Records and Communication make EquiTrace the go to solution for a wide range of horse care.

EquiTrace can design and build bespoke solutions for sales houses and competition grounds use EquiTrace or bespoke variations to identify horses entering the premises, ensure that the correct paperwork has been submitted, check the right horse is in the right stall, and identify horses leaving the premises. Contact us to discuss how a bespoke version of EquiTrace could help your business eliminate paperwork and improve efficiency.

EquiTrace is linked to a horses microchip, a unique integrity step of our software. This feature allows for remote monitoring. Now organisations who re-home animals finally have a verifiable, simple and economic way to keep track of every horse they are responsible for. By requesting that health checks are carried out and the animal scanned either by the person rehoming or a recognised veterinarian those responsible for that horse can be sure it is in the right location and is receiving correct attention.