Values & Features

By linking an App to an animal’s microchip, EquiTrace creates a secure digital health record that can never be lost and is simple to check or update at the side of the horse. EquiTrace saves time and eliminates human error. EquiTrace works with any type of microchip and standard microchip scanners.

Core Values

EquiTrace has been devised and operates with three core values:

Time Feature Icon  TIME

EquiTrace saves massive amounts of time. Eliminating paperwork records are kept up to date at the stroke of a microchip scanner or the touch of a button. Farms that check temperatures on all animals twice a day and have BioThermo® microchips it is estimated to save two full time salaries per farm.

Security Value  SECURITY

  • No-one who you do not authorize can get any access to any medical records or other information you enter in the App, with the only exception of the name of the horse.
  • All temperatures, treatment records, notes, locations and reproduction information are encrypted on the phone prior to being sent to the cloud.
  • This information will automatically sync to users who you have authorized at Level 1 or above, but never to any unauthorized users.
  • There are different levels at which you can authorize users. Level 2 users only see the data they themselves enter, and then only for 5 minutes before it disappears. Level 1 users only see data from the last 24 hours. At any time, you can reject a previously authorized user and all the information disappears from their phone.
  • The information is stored securely on Amazon Web Servers, with only two authorized top-level employees from EquiTrace having access, using multi-factor authentication including one-time codes that cannot be copied by anyone.
  • Even though these two users can access where the data is stored, they cannot read any farm’s data as the keys for encryption are private to that farm. If these two trusted users from EquiTrace try and look at this data it looks like “U#!76HG#hHU98#!H” etc. and is unintelligible.
  • If anyone who you haven’t authorized scans the microchip of your horse, they will only see the identity of the horse. They will never see any information on temperatures, treatment records, notes, reproduction or locations that you have recorded for the horse. The only way they can get this information is if you email it to them from your phone. Nothing transfers automatically.
  • If you mark a horse as sold, the information you recorded prior to sale stays on your farm. Nothing transfers to the new owner. Nothing they record can be seen by you.
  • Information you enter is not stored on the horse’s microchip. It is only stored on your own device and securely on the cloud (Amazon Web Services). Therefore, no information travels with the horse.
  • In exceptional circumstances, it is possible to completely delete a horse by contacting the EquiTrace office at with the horse’s microchip number. This will not change the information that anyone who you have not authorized sees about the horse – as they won’t see anything anyway. It will remove the horse from your own phone and authorized users in your farm (if they were authorized at a high enough level to see the information in the first place).

User Levels

Please click on the link below to view or download:

EquiTrace User Levels

Accuracy Value  ACCURACY

The App ensures you have the correct information of your horse’s identity, health and movement data in a method that can never be lost. Trainers and owners are often responsible for multiple horses across multiple farms. EquiTrace offers a complete platform of horse health allowing you to see the day to day management, health and treatment of all of your horses. As data cannot be entered without the animal being scanned errors in identification and health records are eliminated.

Welfare Value  WELFARE

Improving the welfare of horses is central to the mission of EquiTrace. By facilitating the early detection of disease, ensuring correct treatments are given, allowing the tracing of contacts and keeping accurate health records our software helps the management of rescue and rehoming facilities.

Core Features

EquiTrace’s core features cover the areas of concern for your facility or farm:

Identity Feature  IDENTITY

Identity is critical and the central feature of EquiTrace. Microchips are the gold standard for identity, but without EquiTrace an animal is scanned staff can only see a string of numbers. Other options, identifying horses by headcollars, tags tied into the mane etc are not confidential and are open to obvious errors. Having the EquiTrace App eliminates identity errors combined with GPS it ensures the right horse is in the right place at the right time. Combined with the medicine feature it ensures that the right horse always get the right treatment. Combined with the mare management module, staff on studs can see exactly what stage a mare is at in her cycle. The integrity step of scanning the microchip to enter data allows remote monitoring. Trainers can see what is happening with animals who are not on site. Rehoming charities can check their animals are being checked and are in the correct location. Although linked to the microchip to the data is not contained on the microchip. The data is stored securely on the cloud and can only be accessed by the subscription holder and approved people. If the animal is sold all data remains with the subscription holder unless they choose to share it.

GPS Traceability Feature  GPS TRACEBILITY

Anywhere large numbers of horses are in transit Identity, GPS tracing and communication become critical. EquiTrace produces high quality bespoke versions of the software to facilitate monitoring, eliminate identity errors and streamline paperwork across the board. Sales facilities use EquiTrace software to check animals in, monitor their movement on site and reduce paperwork. Shows and veterinary hospitals to keep complete records of animals onto and off the premises. Transportation companies to measure journey time.

On farm staff can see exactly where animals are, as can veterinarians needing to check animals. In the event of disease outbreaks for example herpes, influenza or strangles veterinarians have all the information they need to identify contacts and isolate the infected animals.

Medication Feature  MEDICATION

EquiTrace recognises over 1000 products from the barcode. Eliminates human error and records all medicines automatically. Recommends withdrawal times.

Veterinarians or managers can enter the necessary treatments for the horses. When staff scan a horse they can see exactly what the animal requires. By scanning the horse and the product they can be sure they are giving the correct treatment and record that the treatment has been given at the stroke of a microchip scanner. Medical records are immediately updated across the team responsible for the horse. Reminders for when a dose of a medication is due can be set. With EquiTrace you can ensure that the right horse gets the right drug 100% of the time.

To help avoid positive drugs tests in competition horses the App gives recommended drug withdrawal times. These times are automatically adjusted by the App according to the dose used, number of doses given and by the route of administration. The App will warn the user about the potential withdrawal time before the drug is administered then every time the horse is scanned until the time has passed. This feature is essential to avoid reputational damage. 51% of referrals for a positive drugs test to the British horse racing authority or Irish horse racing regulatory board were due to too short a withdrawal time after legitimate medical treatment. A further 10% were due to the wrong horse being medicated. EquiTrace eliminates these common human errors to protect owners, riders and trainers from the damage that these can cause.

EquiTrace includes suggested withdrawal times for:

  • European racing rules,
  • UK racing rules,
  • Nordic racing,
  • USA Thoroughbred racing,
  • STD racing,
  • Quarter horse racing,
  • Australian racing,
  • Competition under FEI, AQHA and USEF rules.

Communication Feature  COMMUNICATION

Staff – Manager – Owner – Vet

For confidentiality reasons, paper based medical records and passports tend to be kept in a locked office or tack room. Even where farms have a laptop system to record data that is not usually in the barn. This situation causes multiple problems. It is difficult for visiting veterinarians to access the records or update them. The same for staff. Data entry is two step, written on paper then has to go to be updated on a permanent record. Treatment instructions are generally written on a white board which can be seen by anyone on site and is easily wiped out or altered. It is difficult if not on site to change treatment orders or see what is happening. It is all too easy for busy staff to give medications but forget to record them, meaning those medications are not on the animals chart and are not billed.

EquiTrace cuts through all of these issues. Now the whole team responsible for a horse can be kept up to date at the side of the horse. The subscription holder has a secure way to communicate with all those who need to know. In the event of an emergency, for example the horse has to be transported to a veterinary hospital at a night or weekend the relevant information is immediately to hand and can be emailed across from the phone. If a veterinarian calls and advises treatment a manager who is travelling can securely set this to be given and staff back home know what to do with no possibility of error. Staff scan the horse see what needs to be done, no more white boards. Scan the medicine and everyone knows it has been given correctly and that is recorded immediately.

Horses have lots of connections this makes keeping everyone up to speed on the horse’s health time consuming. EquiTrace with its multiple levels of access from need to know to access all areas allows a secure, confidential way to instantly communicate across the whole team. Medical notes can be entered or accessed at the side of the horse. All of this data is immediately synchronised across approved users. EquiTrace eliminates paperwork. The animal is identified by the scanner, any medication that requires to be recorded can be scanned in. Unlike paper-based records open to anyone, trainers can set the system so staff can see only the information they need. All data is securely encrypted on the phone prior to back-up to the cloud.

Biosecurity Feature  BIOSECURITY

EquiTrace works with any microchip but it is especially powerful when combined with the revolutionary new Merck Animal Health Bio-Thermo® microchips. The combination of GPS and temperature is a powerful tool to improve Biosecurity on farms, competition grounds or sales facilities.

Barns where horses are coming and going to competitions regularly infectious disease is always a threat. Facilities that use EquiTrace are able to maintain complete GPS movement records of the animals that come onto their property for contact tracing if necessary.

As Merck Animal Health Bio-Thermo® become available the temperature monitoring feature of EquiTrace fever in individuals can be more easily screened for, identified and isolated.

Temperature Feature Icon  TEMPERATURE MONITORING

EquiTrace, which can be used with individual horses or at large barns, is compatible with any microchip. A Bio-Thermo® microchip is necessary only to access the temperature-sensing functionality. Bio-Thermo® microchips measure a horse’s temperature within one-tenth of a degree1 and provide access to a horse’s identification. Both the EquiTrace app and Bio-Thermo® microchips work with the Global Pocket Reader Plus™ and the HomeAgain® UWSR+ microchip readers.

To learn more and purchase Bio-Thermo® microchips contact your Merck Animal Health equine sales representative.


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