EquiTrace In Action

EquiTrace For Trainers

Keeping up to the minute records of medication administered is critical for all horse trainers. 61% of positive drug tests post racing are due to identity error or staff accidentally using the wrong product. EquiTrace reduces recording medication to two scans. Scan the horse, correct horse. Scan the medication barcode, correct product. EquiTrace eliminates human error.

EquiTrace can completely and securely replace paper-records. There is no writing down, as soon as the medicine is given it is recorded. Everyone on the team responsible for the horse can see this. Trainers and vets can check remotely that all the right checks and treatments have been done. Staff can see what needs to be done and receive alerts to remind them to give treatments that are due. EquiTrace is accepted by the Irish Horse Racing Board as a way of recording medication use. Trainers can email the record to any authority who needs to inspect it directly from the phone and be sure that record is 100% up to date and accurate. Ensuring that a horse does not go back to racing too soon after medication is important. EquiTrace includes suggested withdrawal times for:

  • European racing rules,
  • UK racing rules,
  • Nordic racing,
  • USA Thoroughbred racing,
  • STD racing,
  • Quarter horse racing,
  • Australian racing,
  • Competition under FEI, AQHA and USEF rules.

Security of the App for those Using

Control of your data is extremely important. As with any medical record confidentiality is critical. Only the subscription holder and their authorised team will be able to access the horses personal information.

EquiTrace not only encrypts all data before transfer to the cloud but offers the subscription holder complete control of who can access a horses record and at what level. Unlike a paper record where anyone might access information, permission has to be given for anyone to access the data. This access can range from the ability to record data but not see past recordings to being able to see data entered in last 24 hours to full access. Only the subscription holder can change anyone’s level of access.

When the horse is sold or is scanned by someone who is not approved there is no access to any of these records. Only those authorised by the subscription holder can ever see information recorded about the horse. If a subscription holder wants to give access to data they can choose to add someone to the App at one of the levels of access or they can simply email the relevant records directly from their phone.

“I find it extremely helpful.  It dramatically reduces the amount of paperwork which is the bane of any trainer’s life. The Irish Horse Racing Board (IHRB) requires every yard keep a Blue Book which has to be submitted monthly to the IHRB.  In the Blue Book, every medication given to every horse is recorded, with the amounts, the name of the medication and its batch number all written in by hand. EquiTrace enables a trainer to email the blue book information direct from their mobile phone, no handwriting – or hunting down the physical blue book – required.”
D K Weld—Trainer of nearly 4,500 winners, including group 1 races on four continents.

DK Weld may have been winning races long enough to be known as legendary, but he also has a reputation as one of the most forward looking trainers in Ireland. An early adopter of EquiTrace Mr Weld uses the App to keep the medication records required by the Irish Horse Racing Board. The minute a product is given it is recorded with no more effort than two scans. The simplicity of the technology, the protection it gives from error and massive amounts of time saved are appreciated by the trainer and staff alike.

“I hate computers, but this is so easy. Invaluable it has made my life so much easier.”
Tom Daly—Head Man, D.K. Weld, The Curragh, Ireland.

“Nothing in life is fool-proof, but this thing almost is.”
Eddie Harty—Racehorse Trainer, The Curragh, Kildare.

EquiTrace & the US Trotting Association

The United States Trotting Association are one of the most forward looking, innovative, equine sports authorities globally. For decades Standardbreds had been identified using freeze branding, but the USTA could see the advantages that microchips offered, not least for horse welfare. TC Lane initially brought the Merck Animal Health Bio-Thermo® microchips to the USTA board, he quickly recognised that the ability to not only identify animals but instantly measure body temperature aligned perfectly with the goal to improve equine well-being. Currently Merck Animal Health’s Bio-Thermo® microchips have been placed in 40,000 standardbreds. The USTA were the first authority globally to see the tremendous advantages these chips bring to animal health, welfare and biosecurity. The Bio-Thermo® chips have been in use since 2019 and in 2022 all racing Standardbreds in the USA will require a Bio-Thermo® microchip.

“The Bio-Thermo® microchip is especially helpful during yearling season when temps are required for health papers and we get them done quickly. In my experience the microchip readings are usually within 0.1 degree of rectal temperatures.”
Dr Sarah Mackie—Veterinarian for Wink Farm Veterinary

The USTA partnered with EquiTrace to provide their members state of the art technology to maximise the potential of the Bio-Thermo® microchips and their horses health. In 2019 EquiTrace produced ChipID for the USTA a white label version of EquiTrace that automated the recording of temperature to create temperature graphs. Now the USTA are adopting the full version of the App for their members. USTA EquiTrace will help trainers record medication use and comply with medication regulations. Clean sport is a high priority for the USTA. The ability to track temperatures and identify contacts protect barns and tracks from outbreaks of viral disease. For Standardbred breeders the Apps mare management software facilitates ovulation tracking, maximising the performance of stud farms belonging to USTA members. The chip-app combination also reduces the risk of injury to staff, no more standing at the rear end of a horse hoping not to be kicked.

USTA members appreciate the time savings these chips offer. For example, if you have 20 horses and a rectal thermometer reading takes 3 minutes per horse that translates into one hour of labor. In the video below you can see Olivia Kimelman at the Mark Ford Training Center taking the temperature of 5 horses in under 2 minutes. Without the App staff would have to write down each animal’s temperature and transfer that data to some form of permanent record. With it the animal’s temperature is securely and instantly plotted on its own graph, any notes can be quickly entered and staff can also see if any treatments or supplements are required. Any change in an animals personal ‘normal’ body temperature can be seen at a glance, managers are finding the temp graphs essential in the early detection of disease.

“Knowing early when a horse is feverish could protect the horse and save money. There’s an old veterinary adage that says for each day a horse has a fever, it can lose a week of training. Catching and treating a fever early can preserve Grand Circuit and Sire Stakes aspirations.”
TC Lane—COO & Director of Registry for the USTA

“To remain vital, our sport must change with the times, or the times will change us. Bio-thermo® technology candidly is a tool that demonstrates our commitment to horse welfare and identification accuracy. I’m impressed.”
Russell Williams—USTA President & CEO of Hanover Shoe Farms

“The convergence of technology and an old-fashioned love of our sport is the future.”
TC Lane—COO & Director of Registry for the USTA

EquiTrace for Owners & Riders

For busy livery yards EquiTrace allows staff to keep track of all of the necessary treatments with reminders in a secure confidential way, instead of writing such information on a white board. For busy owners who have to be at the office and can’t be at the yard for vet visits or the farrier EquiTrace offers a way to stay connected. Veterinarians can update the horses medical record at the time of a visit and the owner can see that information live. EquiTrace offers secure, instant communication between the whole team concerned with the horse reducing communication errors, phone calls and ensuring everyone who needs to know has all the details on their horses care right up to the minute.

In competition animals simple errors like missing a vaccination date can lead to missing an important event, EquiTrace has reminders to ensure this does not happen. Clean sport is critical, compliance with regulation is a major concern for all riders. To help riders the App has suggested withdrawal times for all of the 1000 medications the App recognises.

The App is programmed with the appropriate rules for the FEI, AQHA and USEF. When a medication is scanned the App will show the suggested withdrawal time for competition. If that is going to be a problem for an upcoming event, riders and veterinarians are alerted before the medication is administered. Appropriate alternative treatment options can be considered and discussed. The App will then continue to remind the rider that the horse has had medication until the suggested withdrawal time has passed.

Withdrawal times can be complicated to work out and affected by a number of factors including the route the medication is administered. For intra-articular medication some joints have longer withdrawal times than others. If a horse requires more than one dose of a product, for example the animal has colic and needs multiple doses of pain relief, this can dramatically impact the length of withdrawal required. Veterinarians are not always aware of these issues. EquiTrace has been programmed by internationally recognised specialists in Equine internal medicine to give horse side access to the most up to date scientific data available.

Only those authorised by the subscription holder can see this information. As with any medical record confidentiality is critical. Only the subscription holder and their authorised team will ever be able to access the horses personal information. If the horse is sold, the subscription holder can choose to share relevant information. If the data is required to be submitted by a competition authority or is needed by a veterinarian it can be conveniently emailed directly by approved users with a high enough level of access.

In barns where horses are coming and going to competitions regularly infectious disease is always a threat. Facilities that use EquiTrace are able to maintain complete GPS movement records of the animals that come onto their property for contact tracing if necessary. As Merck Animal Health Bio-Thermo® become available the temperature monitoring feature of EquiTrace fever in individuals can be more easily screened for, identified and isolated.

EquiTrace & Temperature Monitoring

EquiTrace, which can be used with individual horses or at large barns, is compatible with any microchip. A Bio-Thermo® microchip is necessary only to access the temperature-sensing functionality. Bio-Thermo® microchips measure a horse’s temperature within one-tenth of a degree1 and provide access to a horse’s identification. Both the EquiTrace app and Bio-Thermo® microchips work with the Global Pocket Reader Plus™ and the HomeAgain® UWSR+ microchip readers, and the EquiTrace app is available for iPhones or Androids. In addition, the Bio-Thermo® microchip is compliant with the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) Standards 11784 and 1178 and meets requirements of both the International Federation for Equestrian Sports (FEI) and the United States Equestrian Federation (USEF).

“We are excited to partner with Merck Animal Health to bring EquiTrace to the U.S.; the technology streamlines health recordkeeping, a task that has traditionally been hard to maintain in busy barns. The combination of Bio-Thermo® microchips with our software enables rapid identification of temperature fluctuations in a horse at the stroke of a microchip scanner. This is essential to managing infectious diseases, such as equine herpesvirus, influenza and strangles. As an internal medicine specialist, I’m delighted to contribute to a novel temperature monitoring system that’s effective without stressing the horse or the barn team.”
Kevin Corley BVM&S, PhD, DACVIM, DACVECC, MRCVS—EquiTrace

EquiTrace data is encrypted, and each barn’s data is private. The EquiTrace account owner authorizes others to access data securely through the app. All EquiTrace functions are available with no internet connection for easy access at the barn or on the road. New data is synced when the app is opened with internet connection.

To download EquiTrace, visit the App Store or Google Play. To learn more and purchase Bio-Thermo® microchips contact your Merck Animal Health equine sales representative.

See Case Study 1—BioThermo® Babies at Kinsale Stud

EquiTrace & Horse Breeding

There is nowhere busier than a stud farm at the height of breeding season. Optimal performance, keeping fertility rates high, depends on highly accurate records. Staff shortages, infectious disease outbreaks can put even the most efficient of farms under extreme pressure.

These events inevitably happen at the busiest time of year. EquiTrace is here to help. EquiTrace is designed for the whole team. If an infectious disease outbreak occurs veterinarians have complete GPS records immediately available to track contacts and isolate an outbreak. Routine records of scans, follicle tracking and fertility treatments can be easily and securely recorded as soon as examinations are completed. When BioThermo microchips are used temperatures on every horse can be taken 2,3,4 times a day without effort and all of that data immediately graphed for each animal. Farms using EquiTrace are already reporting how invaluable they find these graphs. Any change from the animal’s individual biorhythm is so easily and rapidly recognised that disease has been picked up in foals two days before overt symptoms occur. Managers appreciate EquiTrace traces not only horses but medicines on the property to ensure every dose can be accounted for. Failing to record medicines is a major source of lost revenue and can easily occur when animals are sick and time is short.

EquiTrace has a specialist module suitable for recording all mare reproductive examinations including natural cover, AI, embryo donation, ICSI and oocyte collection. The App has been designed by specialist veterinarians and follows the mare’s cycle with a smart algorithm to ensure the necessary checks are scheduled and recorded. During the breeding season its vital that handover to veterinarians working the weekends is seamless. EquiTrace keeps the team exactly up to date on the mare’s status and treatments, helping to keep farm fertility rates high. Veterinarians love the App especially the feature which allows them to map cysts. Eliminating ‘the book’ where all scan notes were previously recorded not only saves time but removes the stress of ‘the book’ being lost damaged or simply not filled in. EquiTrace backs all data up, securely encrypted to the cloud instantly.

EquiTrace for Traceability/Rehoming

EquiTrace for Horse Breeding

Improving the welfare of horses is central to the mission of EquiTrace. By facilitating the early detection of disease, ensuring correct treatments are given, allowing the tracing of contacts and keeping accurate health records our software helps the management of rescue and rehoming facilities.

Horse sanctuaries are busy places with new horses arriving all the time. EquiTrace are delighted to be able to help. EquiTrace provide My Lovely Horse rescue our software. EquiTrace means every new horse can be correctly identified and has a secure medical record.

My Lovely Horse are also using Merck Bio-Thermo® microchips for temperature monitoring, vital in these populations which can be vulnerable to infectious disease. Contactless temperature monitoring is much less stressful for animals who may be dealing with trauma around being handled.

Horses for people

Horses for people allow horses to teach people about themselves, their leadership potential, to grow personally. The horses come to the organisation from a variety of backgrounds. Maurice the horse shown here had previously had a successful career nationally and internationally as a competition horse. Now he helps humans unlock their potential. EquiTrace are delighted to help organisations like Horses for People to continue their important work. EquiTrace is used by June to keep track of her horse’s past, keep up to date with routine vaccines and worming as well as to record all their medical records.

“Without a doubt software like this is important in rehoming, it creates credibility and safeguards those taking in the horse.”
June Burgess

Racing to Relate

EquiTrace are proud to work with Racing to Relate to aid research in rehoming and traceability of thoroughbreds. Racing to Relate are working with the University of Bristol, their research aims to build an open knowledge-sharing platform to optimise engagement, implementation and welfare outcomes for both horses and the people who work with them. EquiTrace are assisting through the data collection which provides the “why” and the evidence base behind the retraining practices chosen to incorporate in the pilot scheme and offers full transparent welfare information for each thoroughbred partaking in this program and allows for realistic progression options for each horse.

Without technology like EquiTrace it is very costly and almost impossible to trace every animal that has been rehomed or gone on to a second career. With EquiTrace charities can now simply request that the new owner downloads the App then either scans the animal themselves or has a veterinarian scan the animal at specified times. Because EquiTrace is linked to the microchip  allows the charity to check the animal is alive, at the correct address and is being looked after. If an animal is not being checked the App will alert and notify the responsible person.

EquiTrace for Veterinarians

The core features of EquiTrace ID, GPS, medical record keeping and communication are ideal for ambulatory veterinarians to keep and access accurate records while on the road. Notes, treatments, results can be quickly emailed back to the practise. EquiTrace provides a secure way for veterinarians to communicate with owners, trainers and yard staff reducing the number of phone calls and paperwork necessary. Locums or new veterinarians in the practise can check the identity and previous records of an animal by being added as an approved user.

Specialist reproduction veterinarians responsible for managing large studs appreciate not only the specialist mare management software but the ability to set and monitor medication use. Biosecurity is a real concern on all large breeding facilities. In the event of a disease outbreak EquiTrace can track exactly where all the animals are, have been and exactly who has been in contact with infected animals instantly.

Getting advice on suggested withdrawal times for medication can be difficult. EquiTrace keeps all of this data up to date and accessible to veterinarians.

For horse breeders and veterinarians EquiTrace has a specialist module suitable for recording all mare reproductive examinations including natural cover, AI, embryo donation, ICSI and oocyte collection. The App has been designed by specialist veterinarians and follows the mare’s cycle with a smart algorithm to ensure the necessary checks are scheduled and recorded. During the breeding season its vital that handover to veterinarians working the weekends is seamless. EquiTrace keeps the team exactly up to date on the mares status and treatments, helping to keep farm fertility rates high. Veterinarians love the App especially the feature which allows them to map cysts. Eliminating ‘the book’ where all scan notes were previously recorded not only saves time but removes the stress of ‘the book’ being lost damaged or simply not filled in. EquiTrace backs all data up, securely encrypted to the cloud instantly.