Case Studies

Case Study 1

Lanes End Case Study

Lanes End started using EquiTrace in combination with the Merck Animal Health Bio-Thermo® microchips in 2021. It has been a winning combination for the farm. Solving problems and saving time across the whole team from the grooms to the managers to the veterinarians.

Live data, knowing exactly where each mare is at in her cycle and coordinating all the staff to manage that is a challenge for busy stud farms in the season. That information must be live. The broodmare managers found that having access to live data, being able to organise their days and synchronise with others to get tasks done extremely helpful.

“We started using the App in December right before the breeding season really picked up, it just made life a lot easier for us on the farm. I loved the real time feature of the App no matter what I’m doing no matter if I am with the vet or not I can keep track of what’s going on with pregnancies, or if we are going to be breeding or covering mares tomorrow.”
Headley Vanmeter—Assistant Broodmare Manager

EquiTrace works with any standard microchip however it is particularly powerful when it is combined with the Merck Animal Health Bio-Thermo® microchips. Lanes End have found these to be extremely useful in monitoring the health of their foals and a huge time saving.

“We started using EquiTrace earlier this year, we put the first thermal chips in the foals this year. Traditionally at Lanes end we would go through and rectally temp all the foals it would take the guys between 20-30 minutes after they got them brought in now we can get it in 10 minutes it comes right to my phone I can see it and I can alert the vet if we have a problem even before the guys have had a chance to text me! I really like the reproductive side of it, it’s really user friendly I can go through and keep much better track of my notes on there verses the other system we used to use you can screen shot it and send it to your vet if your running behind, I can look at it wherever I’m at, it’s in real time which makes it really nice for everybody else in the organisation they don’t have to wait for me to call them they can just look at it and book a mare off of that or know that a mare is pregnant it gets around quicker.”
Jenn Laidlaw–Broodmare Manager

For Jenn as a manager ensuring that her team are safe and have the best possible protection is important. Being able to take temperatures without any contact or disturbing foals is safer for both staff and horses.

“We would rectally temp the foals and the guys would write it down there is always human error involved in that, there’s no human error with the EquiTrace its right there it’s on the scanner there is no miscommunications its easier for our night watch to go do by themselves because foals can be difficult to temp by themselves sometimes it saves them a lot of time and they really appreciate it. It absolutely saves us at least 40 minutes every morning and every afternoon temping one guy can go through while the other three guys are putting feeds in its much more efficient for everybody.”
Jenn Laidlaw–Broodmare Manager

Of course confidentiality is key when dealing with medical records. EquiTrace is very secure with four levels of access. The subscription holder always has complete control of the data, who can access that information and to what extent. This data is transferred encrypted to the cloud as soon as it is collected. Farms can choose from allowing someone to enter data only, to having limited access to information to full access.

“I’m not worried about security or confidentiality at all we have our phones set to where the  guys in the barn can only see their horses nothing leaves the property other than on the managers phone it works great”
Jenn Laidlaw–Broodmare Manager

Farms can be resistant to technology. Like many farms Lanes End have many grooms who do not have English as a first language. Staff may have issues with literacy. Lanes end found the EquiTrace software to be very user friendly and take little to no training of the team to use it.

“The staff love it I haven’t heard one complaint the guys get their phone out and they go right through and it’s been perfect. It takes no training show the guys how to hook the phone to it and push the button and it’s right there five minutes max.”
Louise Roden–Director of Equine Operations

Having technology that staff can use easily, that collects the information managers need has really helped the efficiency.

“Lane’s End Farm has used the reproductive version of the EquiTrace app this year and highly recommended it. The real-time information and scheduling have been invaluable, it is effective and efficient helping us to streamline our daily routine. The EquiTrace team have been brilliant, quick to answer any questions and queries, and have been open to suggestions to help adapt the reporting side to fill our needs.”
Louise Roden–Director of Equine Operations

Case Study 2

EquiTrace Case Study-Kinsale

BioThermo® Babies at Kinsale Stud

Taking foals temperatures with a thermometer can be a stressful and dangerous process for both staff and the foal. Yet foals are the population most likely to be affected by infectious disease so temperature monitoring is critical. Kinsale Stud have been using the Bio-Thermo® microchips and App combination since 2020. Foals can be scanned at the side of the mare by one member of staff with no need of restraint. Temperatures can be checked as animals are turned out or even in the field. Non-contact temperature taking reduces stress and also reduces disease spread. Taking temperatures usually means handling the foals tail, it can be difficult for staff to adequately wash and disinfect their hands between animals. Non-contact temperature monitoring allows one member of staff to safely record temperatures instead of two or three, allowing social distancing and protection from Covid spread.

Case Study 3

Fasig Tipton Case Study

Being linked to the horse’s microchip makes EquiTrace the ideal solution for any situation where a horses identity matters. For sales facilities ensuring that the correct animal has been presented for sale is critical. Prior to adopting EquiTrace in 2022 horse identifiers for Fasig Tipton would have a sheaf of print outs, each horse would have to be located, have its microchip scanned and the 15 digit number carefully checked against the horse’s paperwork. Now at the stroke of a microchip scanner identifiers can rapidly check the horse’s identity and markings on an iPad. No paper to rifle through or process, everything securely held digitally and securely backed up to the cloud. All potential human error eliminated and the process of individually checking each horses identity made efficiently streamlined. Being able to check paper-work accurately and quickly is so important in fast moving sales environments, shows or racetracks.

“It’s cutting edge, a really positive thing for the industry I truly believe EquiTrace is something we are all going to be using in the next couple of years. It not only traces the horses; eventually as we start using the microchips that measure temperature you will see that too, for us that the sales if you scan a horse as it ships and it shows that maybe it has a high temp we can isolate that horse before disease spreads through the barn. EquiTrace have been an awesome company to work with and we are very happy to be partnering with them”.
Anna Seitz—Fasig Tipton

“It’s real easy”.
Randy Angel—Horse identifier, Fasig Tipton.