Our Clients

“This product is a game-changer for improving horse health. Anytime rapid access to timely information can be kept in one central location, it improves horse medical care.”

Dr Nathaniel A White II DVM MS Diplomate ACVS, Director of the Equine Disease Communication Center

How it Works

The EquiTrace app is a dynamic new platform for horse identity, traceability and health.

EquiTrace is a groundbreaking solution in robust horse-side technology, delivering genuine value to horse owners and registration authorities.

EquiTrace works with all standard microchips however EquiTrace is the ONLY software to link to the revolutionary new Bio-Thermo microchip and allow contactless temperature monitoring.

Enjoy the convenience and health benefits of EquiTrace by downloading our FREE 30-day trial.


Dermot Weld Racehorce Trainer
Rosewell House Stables

“I’ve been very fortunate to use the EquiTrace app in my yard and I find it extremely helpful. It dramatically reduces the amount of paperwork, which is the bane of any trainer’s life. Now with the EquiTrace app, it makes life much easier.”

Vincent O’Connor Veterinarian
Sycamore House Equine Hospital

“EquiTrace will distinguish between various intra-articular medications for the 14-day stand down period… this is a significant feature and benefit of Equitrace that is prompted to you when you are recording intra-articular medications on the app.”

Dr Alan Dorton Veterinarian
Central Kentucky, USA

“The app is just like a running record individualised to that horse and I can easily pull it up on my smartphone. I’ve been very pleased with the accuracy and the way the app can track each horse’s temperature. If we see a spike, we know we might have a problem.”

Ready to Track & Trace…