Right Horse : Right Treatment

Veterinarians and trainers can create a treatment list on the App. When staff scan a microchip, they will see exactly what is required and how much. Suggestions are built-in for competition withdrawal times, to allow farms to develop their own withdrawal times specific to their needs.

Non-invasive instant temperature measurement

Instantly measure your horse’s temperature with any of four standard microchip scanners (for animals that have a Bio-Thermo® chip).

The App instantaneously records this on the animals personal, easy to read graph, allowing rapid identification of any disease process and daily health monitoring.

Ensure your team is always up to date

With rapid horse identification, eliminate medication errors. Medical records are entered in seconds at the side of the horse.

This information is instantly updated across the devices of everyone authorised to care for this horse.

You can check your horses health from your desk. When you are travelling or at a show, open the App to see all the horses that have been checked at home and any comments or medical notes made. Information is shared securely between you and your authorized users.